Floss like a pro.. top tips from the experts at Hampshire Dentists

As promised, and as part of  our New Year flossing mission, we thought we’d share some top flossing tips; perfect to clarify exactly what you should be doing. To reiterate, if your gums are bleeding, please don’t give up, that’s a sure sign you should be flossing more.

(Despite how it looks and his  obvious enthusiasm for the cause, Robin isn’t quite praying for you to watch… yet).

Happy flossing,

Hampshire Dentists

Flossing: so, what’s your excuse?

As the end of January approaches, we are wondering did you take our “Smile Resolution Challenge”?   Did you brush twice a day for two minutes, and perhaps even more importantly, did you floss? Do you floss, every day?





In our long term commitment to you, we continue to gently encourage and remind patients of this healthy ritual at every opportunity.




But, whilst we’re on the topic, we’d like to say that while we know dental floss is amazing, please, just stick to what it does best, namely keeping your gums and teeth healthy, and forget about these other (quite frankly absurd) excuses.*

  • Dental floss really isn’t the perfect clothes line for ‘small undergarments.’
  • To our fishermen friends, stick with your regular, robust fishing line.
  • Rope really is a better, safer and stronger alternative to use when hanging pictures.
  • Yes, it can be good for sewing with, but thread’s cheaper.
  • Cleaning awkward dust traps around the house? No. Just use it to clean the awkward food trapped between your teeth.
  • Dental Floss can indeed be a great alternative to kitchen twine; we’ll maybe let you off with this one. For emergencies only please.
  • Yes, it is great for cutting cheese. Admittedly we do in fact do this one ourselves.

So now we’ve cleared up some of these (albeit great) excuses, please just use dental floss for its intended purpose:

  • to remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth.
  • to prevent cavities between your teeth.
  • to keep your breath fresh.

If you’re not sure what to do, just ask your dentist or Hygienist at your next visit (we’ll also post A-how to tutorial in the next few days). And if your gums bleed, it’s not necessarily a sign that you’re doing it incorrectly. It’s a sign you need to be doing it more!

Happy Flossing,



The Hygiene Police at Hampshire Dentists.

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A simple Smile Resolution for 2016


New Year resolutions are never easy.

According to research conducted by YouGov, 63% of Britons have made new years resolutions. Popular choices include losing weight (35%), getting fitter (33%) and eating more healthily.

But what about thinking of really simple, dental health steps which could save both your teeth and your pennies? We know we really rant and rave about it, but with good reason; investing in your oral hygiene routine quite frankly pays off and is as simple as:

  • Brushing 2 mins twice a day
  • Flossing once a day.

That’s 5 minutes investment every day : Max.

So, who will be adding our simple Smile Resolution to their ‘list?’

Research credit to: You Gov

Welcome from Hampshire Dentists

So, we’ve finally done it.

2016 is the year that we’re finally getting our teeth stuck into blogging (we know it’s lame, sorry, we couldn’t resist).

So, if like us, you’ve got a weird obsession with teeth, a commitment towards looking after the health of your teeth or are simply interested in improving their appearance and/or functionality, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome.


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