Dental Bridges

If appropriate, Dental bridges can be used to fill the gap where the tooth is either missing or has been extracted. To do so, healthy, dentally fit teeth at either side of the gap are used to support and 'bridge' this gap by holding the cemented/bonded 'dental bridge' in place. Bridges can be cleverly used to support single or multiple spaces in accordance with the individual needs of the patient.

Like crowns, bridges have a highly aesthetic finish and are carefully crafted to look just like a natural tooth. Whether supported by natural teeth or dental implants, dental bridges can offer life like aesthetics restoring both form and function and enabling stable chewing surfaces.

What's Involved

After thorough examination of your mouth and upon approval, your dentist will comfortably make adjustments to your tooth/teeth. Dental impressions will be taken which quite simply are a mould of your mouth that provides the dentist with the essential layout, dimensions and fundamental copy of your mouth. This ensures a precise fit of the final restoration. A temporary restoration is secured to protect the prepared tooth/teeth and maintain the precise space left by the tooth until the new restoration is fabricated.

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