Sometimes the loss of teeth can be overwhelming and cause highly stressful emotions and anxiety. People can lose all or some of their teeth through trauma, tooth decay and hygiene. The result of losing your teeth can lead to confidence issues and can affect your social life. Dentures act as a removable replacement for those wishing to find a fix for their missing teeth. There are a number of different types of dentures out there but the basic principles have been in use over many years now.

Although today there are alternatives to dentures, some patients still prefer them for a number of reasons. Even if a person has not lost all their teeth it is still possible to create a partial denture that will blend in along with the remaining teeth. The fitting of dentures can even prevent further tooth loss. Dentures can be manufactured using a wide array of materials – your dentist will be able to advise you on which is best suited for your case.

How are they fitted?

Your dentist will assess the situation to see if you are suitable for dentures and how to approach it. Upon the initial examination the dentist may decide that it is necessary to remove other teeth to allow the dentures to fit and work correctly. It is also possible that the dentist may advise you on some hygiene treatment on the gums to make sure they are up to a good standard for the procedure to work well. A mould will be taken of your mouth that will then go to a dental technician. The dentures will be made to the requirements of the individual. The teeth and gum colour will match those of the patient and the contours of the denture will fit inside the mouth perfectly.

Are they stable?

The natural suction force within the mouth should keep the dentures in place. However, sometimes they may come loose while eating; for this there are a number of fixing gels and creams that are available. Also, if this is the case, there is the option of using implants to stabilise your dentures.


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