6 Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a method of orthodontic treatment for those who wish to improve the alignment of their teeth.

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Through the use of advanced technology, Six Month Smiles is able to give you the type of teeth you have always desired in as little as six months. This treatment has enabled a high level of effectiveness and efficiency in regards to check-ups and procedure. The Six Month Smiles programme is popular and suited to most adults who have a busy lifestyle and for those who do not wish to wear traditional braces while in their adult years.

Below are some examples the 6 month smiles system before and after treatment.

Six Month Smile

How Is It Fitted?

You will be required to have an initial appointment with our Hampshire Dentists Southampton team to assess whether the Six Month Smiles programme is suitable for you. Once you have been approved, your dentist will take a mould of your teeth to create a custom-built tray. These moulds are sent away to a lab where they are made into a bespoke brace in as little as two weeks.

The Six Month Smiles programme works by re-aligning, shaping and adjusting your teeth to a more desirable position over a short period of time. The results are achieved by using a number of clear tooth coloured wires and brackets that operate in a similar way to traditional braces.

Experts in the field of orthodontics agree that the Six Month Smiles programme utilises the best parts of traditional brace techniques, which means treatment time is significantly reduced and the standard is consistent. If you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding day, then Six Month Smile is an excellent means to prepare your smile for the big day.

Hampshire Dentists

Who Can Benefit From This?

The Six Month Smiles technique can help those who are seeking to correct:

  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Over and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Openbite
  • General misalignment


  • Cosmetically adapted to achieve discreetness
  • Quick treatment time
  • No need for long and frequent appointments (depending on your case, check-ups can be approximately once every month)
  • More time saved

Patient Before & After

Click on the patients below to see example transformations with before and after images and patient testimonies.

Our reviews speak for themselves

Hear what our patients say


I love my dentist now!
I am a very nervous patient and I haven’t had much luck with dentists in the past. so I was apprehensive joining this new surgery. However from my first conversations with the lovely receptionists to my most recent treatment, I have had great service. Every time I leave with a smile, I can honestly say that I am no longer scared of visiting the dentist.

Lily Downey
The entire team from the Dentists to the receptionists are exceptional within this practice. My 10 year old Daughter is currently undergoing some extreme orthodontic treatment and the team really do go the extra mile to make her feel at ease and comfortable during our monthly visits. Andrea our Orthodontist is a genius and we can’t believe the difference to our daughters teeth over such a short period of time. Our Daughter was so self-conscious about her smile and lost all confidence, she has now been transformed into a smiling social butterfly. Thank you so much !
Adam Standen

I saw Dr Rob Hanna for my checkup this afternoon and was very impressed from the moment I arrived.
Very professional and thorough throughout my appointment. Everything was explained and I was made to feel at ease from start to finish.
As soon as I finished my dental checkup I was seen by Charlotte my hygienist. Once again my appointment was professional and thorough and I came away very impressed with my treatment and the way I was looked after.
Would recommend Hampshire Dentists to anybody that was looking for a dentist.

Dionne Thomas

This dentist is wonderful. Everyone is so happy and helpful, they have really helped me over the years. Special shout out to Cadge who is so lovely and caring, always asking if I’m okay and checking in throughout the appointment. Thank you all! 😊

Kirsty Bulpitt
Thanks to Cadge and Marius I walked into the surgery with no fear or worry this morning. I am usually terrified of visiting the dentist but here I know I will be treated properly and pain free. On my last visit they made me feel so welcome and reassured. Today Cadge was is high spirits and dressed as an Elf which added to the atmosphere. I left feeling relaxed and happy.
Hun Magnum
Dr. Robin and the team do an excellent work. No pain, quick and effective. Not cheap though but when I was in pain, they gave me an appointment for the very next day and the job was done.
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Why Have Your Six Month Smile Procedure Done with Hampshire Dentists in Southampton?

Our Principal Dentist Dr Robin Hanna is experienced in Six Month Smiles and has undertaken a year-long course in Clinical Excellence. Dr Hanna maximises success rates by ensuring that the mouth is free of disease prior to placing implants. He uses meticulous techniques and scientifically proven materials to reduce the risk of contamination and infection. Extensive and genuine aftercare treatment is provided by the Hampshire Dentists team.


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